Street Diligence. The Deal is in the Details.

Looking for valuable details in a sea of complex documents or contracts? Street Diligence is your solution.

Street Diligence helps dealmakers gain valuable insights from their contracts and documents with our proprietary, patented technology. Our platform helps you gain an edge with contract negotiation and due diligence.

Credit & Lending

Street Diligence’s Credit & Lending Platform empowers our clients to benchmark their contracts against the latest market trends, negotiate better deals, and gain exposure to new terms and conditions.

Investment Management

Street Diligence’s Investment Management Platform makes analyzing and negotiating limited partnership agreements and trading relationships much more effective.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Street Diligence’s M&A Platform provides market participants with clarity on terms and conditions that drive value and reduce risk for both buyer and seller.

Venture Capital

Street Diligence’s Venture Capital Platform helps venture investors and entrepreneurs evaluate and negotiate fundraising deal documents and client contracts.

Credit & Lending
Investment Management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Venture Capital

The Patented Street Diligence Platform

The Patented Street Diligence Platform

Street Diligence helps you manage the terms and conditions of documents more efficiently and effectively. Our platform enables this through smart technology, powerful visual presentations, a unique scoring methodology, and historical analysis.

As a tech-enabled offering, Street Diligence’s proprietary and patented platform has been developed over several years to deliver quality, accuracy and completeness at every step of the process.

But it’s not just the contracts—it’s our analytics and contract intelligence that gives you the upper hand.

Our Value:

  • Identify off-market deal terms
  • Conduct more effective due diligence
  • More effectively manage amendments
  • Glean valuable insights from your portfolio of contracts
  • Robust search functionality for your deals
  • Negotiate better deal terms

Learn how Street Diligence can optimize your contract intelligence.

Street Diligence gives business dealmakers distinct advantages in negotiating, reviewing and managing their contracts and legal documents. Our innovative software solutions are designed to leverage intelligence, clarity and efficiency. Our clients include:

  • Direct Lenders
  • Commercial Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Investment Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Law Firms
  • Endowments
  • Corporations

What companies are saying about Street Diligence

“[We] love the Enhanced View. One of my favorite features.... we can easily pull directly from the site for simplicity rather than hunting through filings, Bloomberg, etc."

–Vice President, Leveraged Finance, Global Investment Bank

“This is the most helpful thing I've seen come across my desk. It's objective, not subjective."

–Director & Credit Trading Desk Analyst, Bulge-Bracket Investment Bank

“Sometimes I'll ask the sell-side for anecdotal context; nobody has the breadth of info like this."

–Analyst, $1 Billion Hedge Fund

“What used to take me hours now takes me 10 minutes."

–Vice President, $80 Billion Credit Focused Alternative Asset Manager

“These guys are definitely addicted to your product."

–Summer Analyst, $30 Billion Leveraged Credit & Special Situations Fund

“This would have saved me 100s of hours over my career!"

–Vice President, $10 Billion Hedge Fund

“We subscribe to [redacted]. This is MUCH better.”

–Analyst, $2 Billion Hedge Fund

“It is an interesting and very powerful platform. I haven't seen anything on the market that is nearly as complete as this."

–Risk & Operations Vice President, Bulge Bracket Bank

“This is %@#$^&* awesome!"

– Analyst, Distressed Credit Hedge Fund

“This is the first innovative product I've seen in the institutional FinTech space in the last five years. Nobody else is doing anything noteworthy."

–Chief Technology Officer, $250 Billion Diversified Investment Firm

“This is, hands down, the best product we've seen.”

– Distressed Debt Group, AmLaw 100 Law Firm