Street Diligence.

Intelligence, optimized.

Street Diligence is the must-have contract intelligence platform for any business professional responsible for ensuring that their company’s contracts are negotiated and managed to their advantage.

Our Story

After spending years meticulously reviewing indentures and credit agreements, Street Diligence founder Stephen Hazelton, a former hedge fund manager and serial entrepreneur, decided to find a better way to read, analyze, and understand fixed income deal documents.

In 2012, Stephen launched Street Diligence with the aim of transforming the tedious and painful due diligence process into an efficient, accurate, time-saving and alpha-generating activity.

Street Diligence has become an industry leading software subscription service that delivers a highly intelligent, patented platform for managing dense, complicated contracts. We have been recognized by Hedge Fund Monthly (HFM), the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Benzinga Awards for our market-leading, innovative platform.

With countless use cases, Street Diligence helps clients:
  • Perform contract due diligence
  • Benchmark terms and conditions
  • Negotiate better terms
  • Conduct highly efficient contract management

The Street Diligence Process

Once documentation is uploaded and processed on the platform, relevant datapoints are extracted and presented in a manner easy to navigate.

Individual contracts can be reviewed in a vertical dive deep into every detail, or those details can be compared in a horizontal perspective across a swath of multiple contracts in a portfolio, or in the case of certain financial contracts, against Street Diligence’s consortium database.

Street Diligence can be used to great advantage not only in managing risk once a contract is signed, but during the negotiation stage as well, as contract drafts, commitment letters, etc., can also be processed on the platform.

Using the Street Diligence platform turns dense complex legal documentation into data-driven best practices for dealmakers in every business line.

Our Values-Driven Commitment

We continue to evolve our company, systems and process, but remain dedicated to empowering our clients to take advantage of more information in the documents they work with. We fulfill this commitment by living up to our values:

Intelligence & Innovation

Client Service



Yiannis Tsiounis

CEO, Advan Research Corporation

Carsten Boers

Managing Partner, Rhapsody Venture Partners

Sandesh Hegde

Chief Technology Officer, Ares Management, L.P.

Steven Witt

CEO and Co-Founder, Anno.Ai

Partners Program

Proud to work with Academic and Media Partners

The Street Diligence Partners Program helps engage universities, institutes, and strategic partners on the importance of proper due diligence in investing.

We look to build long-term relationships as our partners benefit from access to Street Diligence’s platform for research, academic instruction and career development.


Street Diligence has formed partnerships with the world’s leading universities. Through our program, approved individuals, faculty and students become more knowledgeable on credit agreements, indentures as well as other deal documents and use our platform to conduct more thorough and efficient due diligence.

Media Partnerships:

We welcome every opportunity to discuss how our innovative technology is bringing a modern approach to contract intelligence.