Direct Lending & Commercial Lending

Our Direct Lending & Commercial Lending Platform allows lenders to identify off-market terms, negotiate better agreements and manage their loan portfolios more effectively. Users may break down and analyze syndicated loans, direct loans and bond indentures on key terms and conditions that drive economic value and quantify risks.  

Our Credit Consortium is an aggregated and anonymized pool of thousands of private loans that empowers Street Diligence users to benchmark against the latest market trends, negotiate better deals and gain exposure to new terms and conditions. Exclusive to clients of Street Diligence, this one-of-a-kind offering provides unparalleled insights in the private credit space and gives our users a unique edge in the market.

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Use Cases

Analyze Market Trends

Through our Credit Consortium, gain unparalleled access to private and public loan data in an aggregated, anonymous form, including benchmarking metrics and insights into “what’s market” at the deal and covenant level.

Compare Terms Across Deals

Compare covenant packages and run comps against industry or firm standards.

Use prior deals negotiated with specific counterparties to inform a live deal negotiation.

Reporting & Compliance

Use our data to help with fundraising metrics, internal reporting (such as closing memos, investment committee memos, etc.) and covenant compliance.

Real Time Negotiation Guidance

Quickly navigate key data and metrics to negotiate improved deal terms and conditions using our visual graphics to guide you.

Use historic, supporting deal data to back up a position with hard facts and tangible evidence, not just experience or opinion.

Contract Management

Manage your portfolio of contracts with instant access to all your deals and their key terms.

With our red-line amendment tracking, ensure that you’re always viewing the most up-to-date version of any contract.


Our Private Coverage includes a client’s private, direct loans and related documentation as requested and provided by the client themselves.

Our Public Coverage universe includes high yield bonds and low-grade bank loans as filed on the SEC’s EDGAR system. We capture the full capital structure for companies, including their credit agreements, indentures and amendments. We also provide a Corporate Structure for companies that fall under our Public Coverage universe, which provides users with a view into where the debt sits at each entity, as well as insights into guarantor commitments.

Document Processing

Street Diligence’s platform can augment existing coverage upon request, which can include:

What companies are saying about Street Diligence

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