Structured Credit

Our Structured Credit Platform makes analyzing structured credit products such as CLO indentures and ABS contracts more effective. Our platform breaks down key terms, identifies what’s “market” and “off-market” and flags risks embedded in contractual terms and covenants. Most importantly, all data are verifiable to the source documents, leaving no doubt as to data integrity.

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Use Cases

Compare Deal Terms Real Time

Compare deal documents to identify favorable and unfavorable terms on offer.

Quickly compare definitions or a particular term across hundreds of securitizations.

Portfolio Management

Manage, analyze, and track your structured credit portfolio more efficiently and more effectively.

Create concise, detailed, and informative investment memos.

Extract key terms from specific deals when needed.

Incorporate and red-line all reset, refinancing, repricing and other amendments into a single conformed view.

Run Covenant Comps

Instantly run covenant comparables, saving your team hours of valuable time and reducing errors that may result from trying to do it manually.

Indenture Compliance

Ensure that you are complying with the terms across all your indentures.

Document Processing

The Street Diligence platform covers and maintains privacy for:

What companies are saying about Street Diligence

“[We] love the Enhanced View. One of my favorite features.... we can easily pull directly from the site for simplicity rather than hunting through filings, Bloomberg, etc."

–Vice President, Leveraged Finance, Global Investment Bank

“These guys are definitely addicted to your product."

–Summer Analyst, $30 Billion Leveraged Credit & Special Situations Fund

“Sometimes I'll ask the sell-side for anecdotal context; nobody has the breadth of info like this."

–Analyst, $1 Billion Hedge Fund

“What used to take me hours now takes me 10 minutes."

–Vice President, $80 Billion Credit Focused Alternative Asset Manager

“This would have saved me 100s of hours over my career!"

–Vice President, $10 Billion Hedge Fund

“We subscribe to [redacted]. This is MUCH better.”

–Analyst, $2 Billion Hedge Fund