Government Contracting

Our platform allows the US government as well as prime contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders to analyze government contracts with greater market intelligence, identify key FAR & DFAR clauses, minimize contractual risks, and efficiently fulfill audit requirements.

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Use Cases

Unique Contract Analysis

Identify erroneous or inappropriate FAR, DFAR and other agency clauses during solicitation.

Compare FAR and agency clauses across an agency, by project manager or by contractor.

Vet FAR clause and key term applicability faster with simplified navigation and hyperlinked definitions.

Efficient Contract Management

View modifications in red-line form with auditability to source documents in a matter of seconds.

Manage your contracts portfolio effectively across all relevant stakeholders with access to all FAR and agency clauses, prevailing language and red-lined modifications at your fingertips.

Effectively manage subcontractor risk with contract appropriate flow-down clauses analysis.

Improved Compliance Transparency and Efficiency

Determine regulatory compliance with key FAR and agency clauses across all contracts with ease.

Filter for and identify risks and exposure in FAR clauses.

Save on expensive legal and compliance reviews and data calls with instant screening and filtering by clause.

FAR Clause Analytics

Instantly access, identify, and filter Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses with one click.

Flag and identify key outlying clauses

Document Processing

The Street Diligence Government Contracting platform processes and maintains privacy on:

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